Building firm “Hortitsa”
road-construction works

More than for 30+ years, we have been working on road constructions. We can provide high quality and long-term warranty of our work using modern technologies and materials, specialized high-performance machinery.

Roads construction

A complex of engineering structures, which is basis on the land canvas. It gives ability to align the natural relief, stacking the intermediate layers of road surface and road surface such as asphalt concrete, cement-concrete, cobblestones, etc.

Roads reconstruction

The reconstruction of the existing roads, envisaging and / or changing its geometric dimensions, functional purposes, etc. The result of this is a change of the main technical and economic indicators, which increase the efficiency of road’s use.

Capital roads repairing

The volume of work, which includes complex restoration and increases transport and operational characteristics of highways to existing regulatory requirements, taking into account categories and values of roads.

Roads repairing (planned-preventive)

The volume of work of highways restoration cover.

Roads grader

The process of leveling ground roads with additional pumping up of new materials.

Provide services of road mechanisms

Asphalt paver, road cutter, grader, propeller, loaders, road rollers of various masses, excavators, dump trucks, road machinery.

Land works

A complex of works related to the development, displacement and laying of soil in a dump, as well as the leveling and consolidation of soil, the design and improvement of construction playgrounds.

Concrete works

Include the construction of concrete roads, concrete of monolithic, concrete and reinforced concrete constructions.

Laying of paving slabs

Based on reliable and high-quality materials, which are distinguished by easy installation, disassembly, ecological compatibility, price, variety of offers.

Territory landscaping/improvement

Includes works of engineering preparation, vertical planning, arrangement of territories such as streets, roads, passages, cycling tracks, sports grounds.

Organizational systems of surface drainage

Based on gathering of melt and rain water from the surfaces and its drainage into the rain sewage through drainage systems of vertical and horizontal elements.

Territory engineering

A complex of engineering measures (anti-erosion, anti-foaming, flood protection, groundwater depletion) for ensuring the stability of the territory surface and bringing it to a suitable state for construction.